Crab is one of the most delicious if you cook them into several types of food. This animal has smooth and tasteful meat and if you ever taste this animal, the meat inside the shell is one of a kind. You will never see any meat which is similar to crab meat.

Crab Is A Challenging Food

Have you ever felt like doing a small challenge if you eat crab meat? Because you have to break its shell which is not easy to break, then you can eat the meat. Some people said that if you eat a crab, you will taste the expensive kind of food because you get to show an extra effort to crack the shell and eat the meat, it is like a struggle catching your dream.

This kind of food is one of the most expensive in some areas. The expensive price of crab meat has its reason. First, crabs are included into a difficult animal to catch, then the way chefs cook this animal is a long way journey of cooking. If you want to cook this animal, you have to be ready for all its tools, then you have to pass several steps to cook it in a proper way. An easy way to cook crabs is to buy it in a half-baked condition which is frozen crabs in a supermarket. Using half-baked carbs will be a lot easier to cook than a fresh crab.

Need Extra Effort To Get Perfect Food

To get a perfect crab dishes, you have to pay attention to what should you do to the crab before cooking it. The food might be failed if you did not follow the right steps on preparing the crabs. One of the most important thing that you have to concern is when you are boiling the crabs. Here are several pieces of knowledge for you to boil your crab legs in a good way.

  1. Preparing The Water

To boil any kind of food, water is a required thing that you have to prepare before anything else. Boiling crab legs has a different way than any other food. You need to get a big pan, pour it with enough water, and then mix it with 5 spoons salt. This step is used to get a stronger taste of its meat.

  1. Crab’s Position

In the step, you have to pay attention of crab’s position in the pan. You cannot place the crabs in a random position, and if you do that you can lose its perfect taste. The right position that you have to arrange is the head first. What does it mean? When you are adding the crabs into your pan, place the crabs upside down, make sure that the head position is on the bottom. Then, wait for it for 15-20 minutes.

  1. Mixing Process

When the water is boiling, reduce the heat of your stove then stir it gently. The sign of your crabs has been cooked, you can see the color of it. If the crabs turn into a light orange, turn off your stove and your crab legs have been cooked. After that place your crabs into a fresh water to avoid the crabs from over-cooked.