Recently, people have made so many kinds of food that we can taste. Most of which have their own advantages for our body. Seafood is one of the most popular food you can meet in every city you visited. This is the easiest food if you are confused about what food you would eat. If you have no any allergic to seafood, you are a lucky person because seafood has a very good taste. So many kinds of seafood you can see now, such as lobster, octopus, fish, sushi, and crab. Actually, from all those animals which become dishes to eat, not only from the meat that has the advantage to get but also from another part of that animal have different advantages. For example, Crab Shell.

Healthy From Inside

This might be a new knowledge for you, even you are a seafood lover, shell crab has so many advantages that you can get if you eat those. One of the popular food that uses shell crab is sushi. People in Japan have been created a sushi using soft shell crab inside a sushi. You might be ever tasted this food but, have no idea what you can get from it.

Basically, crab is a crustacean which has a shell to protect their body from any predator. Recently, from a research, the scientists have found several new amazing facts about crab shell if a human eats those, especially reducing cholesterol and helping people to do a diet. One of Japanese scientist has been claimed that crab shell can help people from a serious disease, including cancer. The essence from a crab shell that can heal many diseases is called chitin. In a medical knowledge, chitin has the ability to reduce the growth of cancer and reduce cholesterol in a body.

Without question when you know all about those good effects from crab shell, you probably eat a lot of them to get a healthy body. You can get advantages from crab shell by eating sushi because there is a sushi that provides a type contains soft crab shell inside it. Here are for further information about the advantages.

Amazing Advantages From A Crab

  1. Control Your Cholesterol

Chitin, as mentioned before, has a good ability to reduce a chance that fat from your food runs into your bloodline. Chitin will absorb the fat from your stomach and then lead it into your intestine to be thrown when you are going to the toilet. It is not only to absorb cholesterol from your stomach but also absorb another bad cholesterol placed in your bloodline, such as Triglycerides, cholesterols that can block the artery and increase the risk to get a heart attack. If you know that you have a problem with cholesterol, crab shell can help you.

  1. Help You to Do Diet

By absorbing fat from your food, chitin will also help you to reduce your overweight. As mentioned before, the crab shell can be your diet menu if you want to get a healthy body. It is a recommendation for you, if you want to do a diet, but still eating meat as your food.

  1. Defense Your Liver from Poison

The fact that chitin is very effective to absorb over fat from your bloodline is also useful to protect your liver from a bad disease. This is because a liver will be face to face with a high-level fat that can lead you to damage your important organ as an effect from your habit of consuming a bad food every day.

In the conclusion, to get a healthy life you are not always being forced to eat the food you might not like. Although you must eat healthy food like fruits, vegetables, milk, or any other, you can enjoy your healthy life by eating crabs. Eating sushi that has crab shell inside can also become your alternative to be healthy. But, don’t forget to be always doing exercise or sport if you have spare time, because healthy is not easy to get and it will not come to you on its own. You have to reach them with your own will. God creates anything on this earth is also has advantages that you probably don’t know, so be healthy every day by consuming healthy foods.