Soft Shell Crabs is An Interesting Animal

Soft crabs or molting are very interesting animals to analyze. According to research, there are two peaks when molting occurs in soft shell crabs, that is, during breeding and full moon. It is known that the quality of the meat from the soft shell is still inferior to the quality of crab meat with a hard shell. Many people think that the texture of the fat shell crab meat is too runny and soft, so for some people, it is considered not tasty. This condition makes some people think that better soft-shelled crabs are returned to the sea. The goal is to give the crabs time to harden their shells and also improve the quality of the meat.

The Way to Distinguish The Crab Types

The way to distinguish soft crabs and hard crabs are very easy. You only need to press the crab’s body parts and make sure the shell is hard or not. Indeed there are soft shell crabs that are deliberately traded on the market. It is a crab that has just molted, which is about 4 hours after molting. All parts of the crab still feel soft. Ensure the hardness of the crab shell by pressing and also checking other body parts. If it feels flexible, it considers as soft shell crabs.

In addition, experienced people will find out about soft shell crabs just by ensuring the weight. If the weight is light, then there is a high probability that the crab has a soft shell. The color of the soft crab is cleaner and white, while the hard one is darker and patterned.

Nutritional Content of the Crabs

Then what about the nutritional content in soft shell crabs? Is it the same as crabs in general? Some people who have high cholesterol levels in their bodies usually experience anxiety when consuming food. They must be careful in choosing foods such as meat. Then what about crab meat? Will you reject crabs because you are afraid that cholesterol levels will rise?

No need to worry too much. Crab meat does contain cholesterol, but it has very little saturated fat, only 0.2 g to 100 g. The increase in cholesterol levels due to eating a crab is as equivalent to an increase in cholesterol levels obtained from consuming skinless roasted chicken. Put the crab into your daily and family menu lists.

Like other marine animals, crabs are also rich in protein which reaches 16.45 g to 100 g, it is important for building muscle and body tissues. Not only that, crabs are also a very good source of Omega-3S. Based on research from Fisheries Research and Development Corporation in Australia reported that in 100 grams of crab meat contained 22 mg Omega-3 (EPA), 58 mg Omega-3 (DHA), and 15 mg Omega-6 (AA) which are very important for child growth and intelligence. The content is not even less compared to salmon. So if you want to provide foods with very high nutrition you need to enter crabs into your menu.

Other types of crabs are Soka Crab. This is one type of crab that is very popular with seafood lovers. Soka crab meat is very soft. You also no longer bother to set aside crab skin to eat it. In addition, it is said that the nutritional value of Soka crabs is also higher, especially the content of chitosan and carotenoids which are usually found in crab skin which function is to absorb fat and cholesterol, in addition to other poisons. So if you are a crab fan, but you don’t want to bother to throw and peel hard crab skin, you better start consuming this soft crab. The way to cook is even easier.

Hidden Facts About Crab Shell

Recently, people have made so many kinds of food that we can taste. Most of which have their own advantages for our body. Seafood is one of the most popular food you can meet in every city you visited. This is the easiest food if you are confused about what food you would eat. If you have no any allergic to seafood, you are a lucky person because seafood has a very good taste. So many kinds of seafood you can see now, such as lobster, octopus, fish, sushi, and crab. Actually, from all those animals which become dishes to eat, not only from the meat that has the advantage to get but also from another part of that animal have different advantages. For example, Crab Shell.

Healthy From Inside

This might be a new knowledge for you, even you are a seafood lover, shell crab has so many advantages that you can get if you eat those. One of the popular food that uses shell crab is sushi. People in Japan have been created a sushi using soft shell crab inside a sushi. You might be ever tasted this food but, have no idea what you can get from it.

Basically, crab is a crustacean which has a shell to protect their body from any predator. Recently, from a research, the scientists have found several new amazing facts about crab shell if a human eats those, especially reducing cholesterol and helping people to do a diet. One of Japanese scientist has been claimed that crab shell can help people from a serious disease, including cancer. The essence from a crab shell that can heal many diseases is called chitin. In a medical knowledge, chitin has the ability to reduce the growth of cancer and reduce cholesterol in a body.

Without question when you know all about those good effects from crab shell, you probably eat a lot of them to get a healthy body. You can get advantages from crab shell by eating sushi because there is a sushi that provides a type contains soft crab shell inside it. Here are for further information about the advantages.

Amazing Advantages From A Crab

  1. Control Your Cholesterol

Chitin, as mentioned before, has a good ability to reduce a chance that fat from your food runs into your bloodline. Chitin will absorb the fat from your stomach and then lead it into your intestine to be thrown when you are going to the toilet. It is not only to absorb cholesterol from your stomach but also absorb another bad cholesterol placed in your bloodline, such as Triglycerides, cholesterols that can block the artery and increase the risk to get a heart attack. If you know that you have a problem with cholesterol, crab shell can help you.

  1. Help You to Do Diet

By absorbing fat from your food, chitin will also help you to reduce your overweight. As mentioned before, the crab shell can be your diet menu if you want to get a healthy body. It is a recommendation for you, if you want to do a diet, but still eating meat as your food.

  1. Defense Your Liver from Poison

The fact that chitin is very effective to absorb over fat from your bloodline is also useful to protect your liver from a bad disease. This is because a liver will be face to face with a high-level fat that can lead you to damage your important organ as an effect from your habit of consuming a bad food every day.

In the conclusion, to get a healthy life you are not always being forced to eat the food you might not like. Although you must eat healthy food like fruits, vegetables, milk, or any other, you can enjoy your healthy life by eating crabs. Eating sushi that has crab shell inside can also become your alternative to be healthy. But, don’t forget to be always doing exercise or sport if you have spare time, because healthy is not easy to get and it will not come to you on its own. You have to reach them with your own will. God creates anything on this earth is also has advantages that you probably don’t know, so be healthy every day by consuming healthy foods.

Seafood is the Favorite Food of All Time

The most preferred food nowadays is seafood. You could say that seafood is a kind of luxury food. Not only luxury, seafood is also known as a food that contains so many nutrients that are very useful for our body. If we know how to process the food from the sea properly, then the taste will be so delicious. The nutrition which contained in the seafood is also able to keep.

The idea of ​​a recipe that will be shared later is a dish with crabs which have soft and edible shells. These dishes are a favorite of many people around the world, many people want to try soft shell crab recipes at home, or even cook it for sale.

Cooking the Soft Shell Crab

Now, we will discuss in detail and clearly about how to cook seafood, especially crabs. Not only that, we will also share recipes from various spices that you can mix. The ingredients are easily found. You can also make it at home with your family.

In this article, later we will share the ways or tips to make crab shells soft and edible. The ingredients that needed to cook the recipes also will be shared. But if you feel hassles to make the crab shell soft before cooking, you can also choose the type of crab which has soft shell

A Delicious Crispy Crab

Below are the material you need and the steps you must follow if you are going to make a recipe with the ingredients of soft shell crabs at home. First, you need to prepare some food ingredients and the spices needed to make this crispy crab. Materials needed are:

  • 4 medium-sized crabs that are still fresh. The recommended type of crab is Soka crab because this crab has a soft shell.

To make the seasoning, the ingredients are as follows:

  1. 4 cloves of garlic
  2. 2 eggs
  3. 100 grams of wheat flour
  4. 50 grams of cornstarch
  5. Powdered pepper, to taste
  6. Salt
  7. Oil

How to Make the Crispy Crab

After the materials needed have been collected, then you have to follow the steps below. The following are ways and steps in cooking crispy crab:

  1. First, don’t forget to wash and clean the Soka crabs that will be cooked first. The way to clean it is that you have to clean the dirt in the crab shell. After that, cut the crab into pieces then set aside.
  2. Blend the garlic, pepper, and
  3. Add cornstarch to the seasoning. Stir evenly.
  4. Beat the eggs.
  5. Dip the crab on a beaten egg, then add it to the mixture of cornstarch and seasoning until all the crab parts are covered with flour.
  6. Prepare the frying pan and heat the oil in large quantities.
  7. Fried crabs that have been covered with flour on hot oil. Make sure that the crabs are completely submerged in cooking oil.
  8. Cook until it turns golden or brown.
  9. After being cooked, remove and drain.

That’s the way to cook fried crab shell soft recipe recipes that taste very tasty, and also very easy to make. Add complement such as sauce and mayonnaise to make the crab taste better. You can get all the ingredients at the supermarket and also the seafood sellers on the market, so you can cook this recipe at home. The materials needed are not too expensive, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot. If you want to find ordinary crabs and try to soften it yourself, then you can use vinegar. Happy cooking!

A Proper Way To Boil Crab Legs

Crab is one of the most delicious if you cook them into several types of food. This animal has smooth and tasteful meat and if you ever taste this animal, the meat inside the shell is one of a kind. You will never see any meat which is similar to crab meat.

Crab Is A Challenging Food

Have you ever felt like doing a small challenge if you eat crab meat? Because you have to break its shell which is not easy to break, then you can eat the meat. Some people said that if you eat a crab, you will taste the expensive kind of food because you get to show an extra effort to crack the shell and eat the meat, it is like a struggle catching your dream.

This kind of food is one of the most expensive in some areas. The expensive price of crab meat has its reason. First, crabs are included into a difficult animal to catch, then the way chefs cook this animal is a long way journey of cooking. If you want to cook this animal, you have to be ready for all its tools, then you have to pass several steps to cook it in a proper way. An easy way to cook crabs is to buy it in a half-baked condition which is frozen crabs in a supermarket. Using half-baked carbs will be a lot easier to cook than a fresh crab.

Need Extra Effort To Get Perfect Food

To get a perfect crab dishes, you have to pay attention to what should you do to the crab before cooking it. The food might be failed if you did not follow the right steps on preparing the crabs. One of the most important thing that you have to concern is when you are boiling the crabs. Here are several pieces of knowledge for you to boil your crab legs in a good way.

  1. Preparing The Water

To boil any kind of food, water is a required thing that you have to prepare before anything else. Boiling crab legs has a different way than any other food. You need to get a big pan, pour it with enough water, and then mix it with 5 spoons salt. This step is used to get a stronger taste of its meat.

  1. Crab’s Position

In the step, you have to pay attention of crab’s position in the pan. You cannot place the crabs in a random position, and if you do that you can lose its perfect taste. The right position that you have to arrange is the head first. What does it mean? When you are adding the crabs into your pan, place the crabs upside down, make sure that the head position is on the bottom. Then, wait for it for 15-20 minutes.

  1. Mixing Process

When the water is boiling, reduce the heat of your stove then stir it gently. The sign of your crabs has been cooked, you can see the color of it. If the crabs turn into a light orange, turn off your stove and your crab legs have been cooked. After that place your crabs into a fresh water to avoid the crabs from over-cooked.

Sweet And Sour Crab Recipe For Beginner

Beach can be your ideal place to lose your stress after doing your work every day. The fresh air and beautiful waves from the sea might relax your brain and beach never be boring whenever you visited there. But, a beach is not perfect without any seafood restaurant serving so many foods from a sea animal. Seafood restaurants that you meet in your daily activity are different with beach restaurant, believe it or not.

One of the most popular food from any beach restaurant is King Crab Dishes. If you are a seafood lover, you are not going to miss this delicious food made from crabs, right? Besides its delicious taste, the crab has a high good protein inside and also has a low fat. This kind of food is the best deal if you are on a healthy diet. One of the most picked by the customer is sweet and sour crab legs.

Cook Your Own Seafood

If you are one of crab fans, you can visit any seafood restaurant to get it. But, if you don’t have time to go to a restaurant, you can cook it by yourself at your home. It is quite easy if you know the recipe and how to cook it in a proper way. Here are several tips for you to cook sweet and sour crab legs.

First of all, you must prepare the ingredients that you need to cook your crabs. To get perfect taste from it, don’t miss any ingredients below.

  1. 3 middle size crabs
  2. Oyster sauce
  3. Chili sauce
  4. Tomato sauce
  5. 5 garlics, then mash it
  6. 3 roasted pecans, then mash it
  7. 3 red onions, then slice thinly
  8. Sugar
  9. Salt
  10. Cooking oil
  11. Water

It’s Easy If You Want To Try

When you are ready with all your ingredients, next is how to cook it. These are steps after you have cleaned your crabs. Do not ever use any crabs which are not clean, because if you haven’t cleaned it yet, there are so many dirt you will eat from a dirty crab.

The first thing that you have to do to cook it, boil the crabs in a high-temperature water until cooked, then take out the tasty water. After that, cut the crab legs from its body, then split your crab into 2 parts using a sharp knife.

While you are cutting your crabs, you can prepare other ingredients. Stir fry your garlic, red onion, and pecan until you get a good smell from them. Then, add some tomato sauce, chili sauce, and oyster sauce into your frying pan, and mix it until smooth.

After all the steps above you have done, put your crabs that have been processed before into your frying pan. Mix all of them in gently, and don’t forget to add any additional ingredients you want to get a perfect and strong taste, then wait for about 15 minutes. Finally, you can eat your own special sweet and sour crabs. Cooking this crab dish is not difficult, is it?

Crab is Everyone’s Favorite

Talking about the seafood it definitely cannot be separated from the crabs. Crab is everyone’s favorite food. Even a lot of people start a cultivation business and also sell crabs. Lemburi crabs, known as Soka crabs or baby crabs are soft shell crabs. The soft shell is caused by the age of the young crabs so that the shells have not been fully formed. Until now, soft shell crabs become a commodity with a high selling value. The sale is also quite high because it is in great demand. Seeing this opportunity, many people now work as soft shell crab suppliers to support their income.

The Delicious Soka Crab

Soka crabs or lemburi crabs that are identical to their soft shells when fried with flour, meat, and soft skin will not be crushed when chewed. This texture makes soft shell crabs so delicious to eat. That’s why so many people like this food. Basically, this crab is usually processed using flour to be fried in hot oil with the amount of oyster sauce that is very fitting to represent the food you want to serve. Seeing the increasing interest of buyers, there are now many soft shell crab suppliers that you can find.

Making Soka Crab with Oyster Sauce

For you who want to try to make recipes for Soka crab with oyster sauce, here are the steps. Let’s take a look, and prepare various kinds of spices used during the cooking process of the oyster sauce. If you feel confused about looking for Soka crabs, then you can look for soft shell crab suppliers in various regions. Cooking requires special expertise. Especially if you want to cook seafood, then you must be more careful and also pay attention to the right tips in processing seafood. If you are not careful in processing it, you may lose the nutrients contained in the seafood. Happy cooking and creating, and hopefully, your cook is successful.

The following are the ingredients to make delicious and tasty soft crab oyster sauce with simple spices that you can get in the market or supermarket.

  • The main ingredient
  • 400 grams of fresh Soka crab
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of pepper
  • 25 grams of garlic
  • Pure right amount of oil
  • Sauce Ingredients
  • 5 grams of onion, thinly sliced
  • 10 grams of garlic, heat
  • 25 ml of oyster sauce
  • 30 ml of tomato sauce
  • 1 teaspoon of pepper powder
  • Salt
  • Water
  • The right amount of oil

How to Make Soka Crab Oyster Sauce

  1. Clean your crabs first by washing them. Make sure no dirt is left. Check the inside of the crab’s body if necessary.
  2. Once it’s completely clean you can continue processing by boiling the crab until the crab changes color. This boiling process is important to make the texture of this crab softer. After changing the color you can lift the Soka crab and drain it. Then you can prepare the material for the next step.
  3. Then, you prepare the skillet and then you heat the cooking oil. Enter the Soka crab, then continue frying the crab until it’s dry.
  4. After it gets dry, remove and drain.
  • How to make the sauce
  1. Heat cooking oil in a frying pan, then continues sautéing garlic and bomb until the smell comes out.
  2. Add some flavoring ingredients, including tomato sauce, oyster sauce, pepper, sugar, salt, and You also add several types of vegetables such as carrots and asparagus.
  3. Continue to cook until boiling and the sauce thickens.
  4. Once cooked, you lift the crab and serve it on a plate. Pour the sauce you have made on your crab.
  5. Serve while still warm.

If you are interested in making recipes for oyster sauce crabs, then you can search for recipes on cooking sites that are widely available on the internet. Don’t forget to always share information about the cooking and also an interesting cooking recipe by sharing them in various commentary columns on the internet site. You can choose recipes that are easy for you to make. So you can get the ingredients easily without difficulty. You can also search for crabs in the soft shell crab suppliers in your city. Or you can also search through the internet site to make it easier. Make sure you get the right price and also get the best quality crabs. Happy cooking!

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